Strangely enough, the phrase seems to have been in the air quite a lot recently: you hear it on the radio, you hear it on the bus (so we’ve been informed) and you hear it in the pub – ‘such and such … is as rare as hen’s teeth’. A ‘round in ten minutes’ plumber. A granny-loving car salesman. A generous ‘ex’. A good writer. Send us your own suggestion and there’s £20* in it for any that we post on our site. What we don’t know about hooks, incentives and calls to action … lordy!



But what’s this about being a ‘rare breed’? Fair question. It’s time we showed our true colours: the names behind the brand. We’re a couple of writers called Stuart Delves and John Ormston. Before setting up Henzteeth we both worked for six and a half years at Redpath, the only design consultancy in Scotland that employs writers to work alongside designers in creative teams. So, we know ‘the process’ inside out. Plus, we’re happy to refer to our mates with Macs and Photoshop as our ‘better halves’! Now, how rare is that?

To augment this:
Previously, Stuart worked for six years as an advertising copywriter and ran The Arvon Foundation for creative writing for three years. John worked on the client side, first as a marketing executive and writer at Scottish Widows and then Dunedin Fund Managers.

*Our previous offer of a fiver didn't elicit any suggestions – so we’ve upped the incentive by 400%! But maybe the fact is there’s nothing quite ‘as rare as hen’s teeth’ as a good commercial writer.

Stuart Delves 07878 475246

John Ormston 07505 519351