When’s that?

When you want a word to startle, jump out, have an impact. Which has got to be only every so often. And it must – absolutely must – be appropriate. Otherwise, it’s unforgivable.

We’re ‘creative’ writers for business – ‘corporate scribes’, ‘brand storytellers’. Some of our clients and collaborators have been kind enough to call us good writers. Which is why we liken ourselves to hen’s teeth – but we call ourselves henzteeth because hey, we’re creative and we can! But more importantly, because it’s appropriate. It’s appropriate for a creative service like ours.

Here’s our promise: we won’t put Zs where we shouldn’t. And unless there’s a blindingly good argument to the contrary, we’ll certainly put apostrophes (and colons and ellipses) where they should be! Because, as well as being creative, we like our language proper and we’ve got an extensive library of dictionaries and ‘rule books’ for when we’re in doubt.


So, if the job requires Plain English, you’ve got it. If it’s conversational you want, you’ll hear the warmth of a human voice in the text. And if it’s slang or ‘street’, well that’s neat too! Above all, we champion the creative use of language in business. Because otherwise what’s written won’t get read. Simple as that!

To paraphrase Frank Zappa, ‘bend over, here come the bullets’. We offer:

  • A dedicated writing resource for the design and communications industry
  • A writing service direct to the end-user/client
  • Conceptual and overall creative strategy input
  • Brand positioning, naming and development
  • Copywriting training and creative writing consultancy
  • Full back-up support, including a network of associated and specialist writers
  • Editorial and proof-reading service
Stuart Delves 07878 475246

John Ormston 07505 519351